I am an amateur astrologer and have been aware and interested in the subject since I was around 5 years old. My sun sign is Capricorn, my rising is Libra, Moon sign is Cancer, I am a dominate Scorpio/Sagittarius, and dominate cardinal and water. The heavens have always fascinated me and I believe that they have their own unique influence on us, whether they be guiding or misguiding us, man has been following the path of the stars since the beginning of time, our time anyway.

So I figure I should satisfy my curiosity in the heavens by indulging in as much information as possible so that I may better understand all that I can.

I created this site to offer INSIGHTS as well allow INSIGHTS by others. I encourage questions, as well as answers, even if I am not able to provide the specific answer someone is looking for, it is my intention to at least offer resources to point querent in the right direction.

I prefer free resources, and promote free tools above all else. I think it’s great that in this day and age you can get an Astrological Atlas or a Bible just about anywhere online for free! Let’s take advantage while we can!

Please check out the available links that will direct you to an Astrological calculator, allowing you to calculate in great detail your natal chart, based on your time and place of birth, as well as a link to calculate a personalized horoscope based on your specific natal chart info. It’s a great starting point for your personalized astrological journey!

Much love💖20170616_120808