❇Welcome to Oh My Stars Astrology Forum!❇

Welcome! My intentions for this site are to:

• Provide a vast variety of resources in regards to Astrological and Astronomical Information in the ways of other websites, books, applications and software.

• One of my  priorities is to provide as much ‘FREE’ information as possible. While many of the websites I refer to offer free reports, they mostly all include an “Extensive” reports as an option that you may purchase. I personally do not suggest making purchases for your reports, if you want an evaluation of your chart done, be sure you see an actual Astrologer that you can verify  will sit down and truly analyze your chart, as there are many Astrological Swindlers out there that will charge you for a chart analysis but simply run all the same tools to print out a lengthy version of your chart, so most of the chart you already have for free and the extensions that they offer are simply adjectives to already existing information and conceptual descriptions. Some of those sites out there don’t even offer any truly personal information, and you end up paying for a personal report that contains a socially generalized description that was automatically generated. This is no different than what you can do at home on your own time and with your own skills. Please be vigilant in your quests for information and your quest to share what you learned.

• Provide a place where people can openly discuss their personal opinions or post pertinent questions in which they may get a wide-range of answers to

o Open discussions can include daily events, personal or publicized, that either affirm or call into question the astrological climate at the time. I find quite often happenings in the day can go against everything one would expect from the day’s astrological atlas.

Above all else, this site is to offer information regarding astrology that will allow people interested in the subject to gain a broader understanding and perhaps perspective on Astrology and it’s fundamental relationship with humanity.


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